Demo: How to deploy SAP non-production environment in hours instead of months

Being able to introduce changes in SAP landscapes has a high dependency on the quality of the data in your systems. If you are facing challenges in having up-to-date master data, plus the cost of setting up database for testing is prohibitive and time-consuming we invite you to join our webinar.   
Qlik Gold Client and Qualibrate provide teams with environments that have compliant and relevant data. This ensures that critical changes to your applications can be validated with production-quality data, reducing the chances of failures in deployment. 

Join the on-demand webinar to see a demo of our integrated solution that helps organizations to deploy fully tested, fully documented SAP non-production environments with scrambled, anonymized data in hours instead of months. You will learn how to leverage on our solution for: Production incident fixes, On-demand test data management and GDPR compliance

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